How to choose Mexican Car Insurance

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Are you planning to take a road trip to the country side of Mexico? Driving around in Mexico, experiencing and visiting the beautiful places in your own comfort car and convenience would be a pleasant trip. But driving in an unfamiliar area, on foreign roads can be a bit risky. Thinking about a car accident in an unknown city isn't terrible enough. Try claiming for the insurance, after a car accident in Mexico. As per Mexican law, all the automobiles driving on Mexican roads require auto insurance in events of accidents, theft, etc. Even if the car is registered in other country, it needs to have a Mexican Insurance to move around on Mexican roads. But don't get terrified. It's essential, but pretty easy to buy Mexican car insurance before travel. Most of the insurance companies provide Online insurance facilities and 24/7 support services for better assistance to their customers. So you can buy car insurance before visiting Mexico as per the planned dates of your stay. Many tourists think that all Mexican auto insurances are same. It's not true; there are many insurance companies who offer various different policies depending on the requirement and claim coverage. In fact, a lot of tourists buy their insurances at the borders without even cross checking the insurance coverage they are buying, ending up loosing thousands of dollars during the claim settlements for accidents, theft or even vandalism. So make sure you buy appropriate auto insurance before hand. Following are some tips which can help you finalizing the car insurance policy saving your thousands of dollars and headaches of claims in undesirable events. Many Mexican insurance companies provide facility to purchase the auto insurance online on their websites. You can review different plans based on their features and coverage. Tip 1: Explore Features of Insurance First and foremost, find out what all does your insurance cover. Like accidents, theft, repairs, vandalism, etc. Most of the insurance policies cover almost all of these situations. Few companies offer policies with full coverage as well as partial coverage in insurance. They also offer other add on serviceske road assistance, toying facility across border in case of non drivable vehicle, minor damage repairs, etc. Taking a package deal would benefit more. Tip 2: Repair Coverage Many Mexican auto Insurance policies also cover repair charges of the vehicle. Both cosmetic and functional damages. But most of the people do not realize that these insurances require the repair works to be done in Mexico. In this case, even if your car is in drivable condition, just for cosmetic damages you need to leave it in Mexico to get it fixed. Tourists prefer driving the car back and get it fixed from some local instead of leaving it in Mexico for a week or more. Thus while choosing an Insurance policy, make sure the company covers the repair charges at your choice of country. Tip 3: Inclusive of Legal Services Don't forget you are in a foreign country and you are not aware of the legal laws and charges in case of an accident, theft, dispute. In such cases, it is better to hire legal services to handle the situation. Some of the Insurance companies also provide coverage of legal serviceske, attorney fees, court costs, and bail and other charges. This kind of coverage is not an option. It's a must as you may get arrested and get stuck in a jail for days, spending thousands of dollars, if there are any legal charges. Tip 4: Medical Evacuation and Emergency Transportation This type of coverage is necessary in case of serious illness or injury. The Insurance policy must cover the medical evacuation charges of the Air or Land Ambulance & Early medical treatments. Also, if the car is not in a drivable condition, company pays for the tickets for transportation back to your native place. Not all the companies cover kind of charges, but you might find a good deal. Tip 5: Know the Deductions Before confirming the policy make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the company. Take support help to know all the deductibles. Mostly there are two deductibles. ' Physical Damage Deductibles ' Theft Deductibles Tip 6: Plan your trip and Insurance before Hand To be surer you are getting the right policy, plan your trip in advance. Go through the company websites. Compare the features & rates with other companies and buy the product online which suits you best. Print a copy of your insurance and keep it with you at the time of travel. Many times the Insurance papers are required for passing at the check points. Hope this article helps you final the insurance policy for your car. Wish you a Safe and Fun trip in Mexico. Enjoy your trip and hope you never have to file any claim.